Recruit4Good was founded with the belief that recruitment is not a core skill within most not-for-profit organisations and that the recruitment industry can play a role in enabling and amplifying the inherent goodwill across the relevant talent pools by connecting great candidates with great causes.

This platform has been established as a pro-bono service and will endeavour to remain this way. At this stage the platform is open to not-for-profit organisations with a charitable mission to advertise their opportunities free of charge. Other organisations within the ecosystem (for-profit social ventures, philanthropic departments in commercial organisations and educational institutions for example) can also advertise but may be asked to pay to continue to use the service at a future point.

The platform is also available to use by Recruit4Good recruitment agency partners who are conducting pro-bono searches for charitable causes.

Jobs are classified in 3 main areas:

Permanent roles

Functional, salaried roles covering all functions within a not-for-profit organisation.

Board & Advisory

Usually unpaid roles where industry or technical experts donate their time and insights on a regular basis either formally (via board appointment) or informally (as an advisor).

Strategic Volunteer

Unpaid roles that differ from casual volunteering in that they require a specific skillset for a fixed period of time. Examples can include fixed contracts or projects for experts in technology, marketing, legal, finance etc.

As a potential employer simply register to create an account and post jobs. There will be a short validation period to confirm your not-for-profit status.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback on this site please let us know through our contact us page.